170,000 BAC

160,000 BAC

153,647 BAC

150,000 BAC

148,199 BAC

140,000 BAC

136,827 BAC

  • Deities emerge from their world, ultimately connecting themselves with those they visited.

130,000 BAC

120,000 BAC

110,000 BAC

100,000 BAC

95,776 BAC

90,000 BAC

80,000 BAC

88,271 BAC

85,381 BAC

70,000 BAC

67,052 BAC

63,056 BAC

61,441 BAC

61,233 BAC

50,000 BAC

47,447 BAC

47,378 BAC

45,986 BAC

40,000 BAC

35,248 BAC

34,191 BAC

33,833 BAC

30,912 BAC

30,266 BAC

30,000 BAC

29,935 BAC

29,275 BAC

29,071 BAC

28,784 BAC

28,767 BAC

28,183 BAC

  • Karakel is created by the union between Kalmiya and Taldir.
    • To allow the blessing of his birth, his parents agree to give him to the Goddess of Love Ina as a future consort.
    • He is later stolen during a demonic assault on the Golden City orchestrated by Ledrosa to steal him away.
    • In retaliation, the angels besiege the Dark Abyss getting as far as the throne of the Dark Lord and nearly killing him, allowing Alreken to kill him in his weakened state. Half of the Archangels were killed and four Archdukes were killed.

28,208 BAC

  • Karakel and Ledrosa begins a sexual relationship.

27,844 BAC

27,648 BAC

27,547 BAC

  • After a few centuries of being Ina's consort, Karakel convinces her to place a vote on giving his people a world to call home.
    • Convinced by the testimonies of Ina, fellow nephilem, and the promise of the demons of recognizing the nephilem home and respecting their territory, the deities granted the nephilem the world of Eden.
    • The Nephilem set up their home on Eden and within a few years, entire cities are built.

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