Succubi are demonic entities created by the demoness Ledrosa.


The succubi were created by Ledrosa shortly before the start of the rebellion that drove the deities away. After gaining territory, Ledrosa began to use the succubi as her personal attendants and would later use them to help take care of Karakel when he required. In her legions, succubi were used to in their wage war against the angels.

Succubi would later be found under the control of another archduke as Ledrosa trades them regularly for other demonic units.


Succubi appear as attractive with at least one pair of horns that curve back over their skull. Their skin is pink colored. Each succubus is capable of slightly modifying their appearance depending on their previous victim.

Powers & Abilities

  • Super Strength: Succubi are slightly stronger than the average angel.
  • Pathokinesis: Succubi can force others to fall in love with a simple touch.
  • Mind Control: Succubi can control the minds of lesser beings.
  • Immortality: Succubi can live forever.
  • Super Senses: Succubi can detect lifeforms and what they are.
  • Soul Manipulation: Succubi can claim a soul after sexual intercourse. The soul would then be connected to the Dark Abyss, making them into a demon.


  • Bodily Damage: Succubi can be killed by traditional means.