Ouna is a deity and the Goddess of Nature.



Ouna has green pupils and aqua irises. Her wavy brown hair is held back under a headdress that covers all but the back of her hair. She has a light brown skin tone and an athletic body type.

Ouna has the attire of a dark yellow cloak, a leather pauldron, and two leather straps dropping down across her breasts and a golden-colored skirt. Ouna is above average height with a curvaceous figure.


Ouna is caring towards her fellow deities, animals, and especially plants. Although she cares very little for most other races or the quarrels between them, she will intervene if something under her protection is under threat.

Powers & Abilities

  • Super Strength: Ouna can easily overpower archangels, archdukes, and other powerful beings
  • Immortality: Ouna has the potential to live forever unless killed by a fellow deity, or with their own power.
  • Magic: Ouna possess a powerful magic, easily outmatching that of lesser races.
  • Super Speed: Ouna can move faster than most of her kind.
  • Animal Manipulation: Ouna can comminicate with and persuade animal life.
  • Plant Manipulation: Ouna can control plant life and even turn them sentient, and back to its previous state.
  • Biokinesis: Ouna can manipulate the biology of another creature.


  • Higher Beings: Beings of higher or equal power are capable of killing Ouna.
  • Magic: Spells or items with powerful enchantments can injure or kill Ouna.


Ouna carries a three-pronged whip that she uses to deadly effect against others.