Ina appears as a beautiful young woman with a voluptuous figure, blue eyes, and long light blue hair with two split bangs and tied with blue ribbons. Ina's height is 6'3".

Her attire consists of a black bustier with blue stripes going down the sides edged by gold coloring, blue and gold ribbons coming from her waist and between her legs, and a golden tiara made from Karakel's former childhood nursery. She wears black arm guards, blue and golden high heels and black stockings. Her low top reveals the curves of her large breasts, and her lack of leggings show off her curvaceous figure even more.


Ina is a rather carefree and positive deity compared to the rest of her kind. For a very long time since becoming the Goddess of Love, Ina has found it difficult to keep an interest companion until she heard about the creation of the first nephilem. Interested, she promised the support of keeping the new breed on the condition that he would serve for her pleasure when he came of age, desiring to know what he would be like.

After Karakel's supposed death, she became rather depressed but nonetheless continued on her role but eventually had a tiara made of his former carriage in honor of him. When it was discovered he was, in fact, alive and he returned to Elysium, Ina was relieved and quickly set out to ensure he was comfortable and acted more like a loving wife than a Goddess he was to serve. With Karakel, she would slowly fall in love with him and would willingly endorse giving his people a home to make their relationship more interesting. She was further supported when he told her of his sexual relationship with Ledrosa, she was, in fact, more encouraged to ensure she was not outdone, wishing to eventually lay with both at the same time.

Powers & Abilities

  • Super Strength: Ina can easily overpower archangels, archdukes, and other powerful beings
  • Immortality: Ina has the potential to live forever unless killed by a fellow deity, or with their own power.
  • Magic: Ina possess a powerful magic, easily outmatching that of lesser races. Ina further possess immensely powerful magic that surpasses most of her kind.
  • Pathokinesis: Ina can force others into falling in love with herself or another.
  • Biokinesis: Ina can force a biological change in a subject.
  • Telepathy: Ina can read the emotions of others.
  • Animal Manipulation: Ina can communicate with animals who act as messengers.


  • Higher Beings: Beings of higher or equal power are capable of killing Ina.
  • Magic: Spells or items with powerful enchantments can injure or kill Ina.