• Imp: Native creature to the Dark Abyss used as food or as slaves.
  • Succubus: Female servant of Ledrosa and feeds of sexuality
  • Harpy: Human-Bat
  • Fury:
  • Gargoyle: Created by deities to serve as guardians of locations


  • Manticore: Lion-Snake
  • Bullgore: Human-Bull
  • Phoenix: 1,400 year old bird
  • Ferugore: Human-Horse
  • Siren: Servants of Aella
  • Sylvan: Servants of Ouna
  • Naga: Servants of Aella
  • Dryad: A tree nymph that tends to the forests and the animals.
  • Naiad: A water nymph that tends to the fish and clears their home of unwanted.
  • Nymph: Nymphs are a servitor race to the deities who sometimes act as handmaidens.
  • Lamia: Human-Serpent
  • Satyr: Human-Goat