Bullgores are a beast created by Ouna, the Goddess of Nature. The Bullgores were used as a frontline unit by the deities during their conflict with the demons.


Created by Ouna during their war with the demons, the bullgores were used to act as the backbone of the deities' army and one of the few that managed to inflict heavy casualties against the hordes. After the deities retreated from the Dark Abyss, those bullgores who were stranded fled the Abyss and arrived in different worlds where they would multiply.


Bullgores are muscular half-human, half-bull creatures. They have large curved horns protruding from their head to the front that they can use to impale their victims.

Powers & Abilities

  • Super Strength: Bullgores can casually kill humans and lesser demons.
  • Rage: Bullgores can enrage themselves to increase resistance to attacks.
  • Plant Manipulation: Depending on their alignment, the presence of a bullgore will affect plant growth.


  • Mortality: Bullgores can be killed by conventional means.