Aella is a deity and the Goddess of Water.



Aella appears as a young woman. She has white hair, slender, and pale skinned. She wears a white cloth that covers most of her body, largely obscuring it. She wears a small tiara with enchanted emerald placed in the center and two light blue earrings


Aella considers herself as a servant of the elements, specifically that of water. Across the worlds, Aella helps repair the damage done to underwater ecosystems and rarely lets those who do harm escape unhindered.

Powers & Abilities

  • Super Strength: As a god, Aella is capable of overpowering lesser beings like archangels, archdukes, and others.
  • Super Senses: Aella is capable of perceiving other magical beings, and has greatly enhanced sight, smell, hearing, and taste.
  • Magic: Aella, as a god, possesses immensely powerful magical which typically varies from god to god.
  • Immortality: Aella is immune to aging and most diseases. Deities can potentially live forever if not killed.
  • Power Granting: As a god, Aella is capable of granting followers lesser versions of their powers.
  • Conjuration: As a god, Aella is capable of manipulating magical energies in order to create objects, weapons, or new species or races.
  • Super Speed: While underwater, Aella is capable of moving at immense speeds.
  • Hydrokinesis: As the God of Water, Aella can manipulate water.
  • Animal Manipulation: Aella can communicate and control aquatic creatures.


  • Divinity: Enchanted objects or spells powered by divine magic are capable of harming and killing deities. Since angels were created by a god, the magic of the demons was enhanced by the deities, and the nephilem are blood-related, they are capable of doing deities harm.
  • Cold: Aella is vulnerable to the cold, specifically to freezing.


  • Whip: Aella is equipped with an electrified whip. She can use the whip to create torrents of water and minor tsunami.